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Kleen Facility Services is a company that provides expertise by giving the very best to our growing clients portfolio that cut across build to rent properties and individual houses, schools, lounges, offices, construction and post construction sites.
We pride our ability in ensuring functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency as laid out in International Organisations For Standardisation. We comply with facility management and cleaning regulations as mapped out in all ISO standards of engagement which includes but not limited to COSHH 45001.
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We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services for houses, offices, schools and gyms.

We help house-owners with comprehensive cleaning tasks when tenants vacate their properties.

We help clients and companies with daily construction cleaning maintenance and post-construction cleaning services.

We also perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities.

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We Are Truly Professional

No matter the size of your facility, we have a list of Standard Operating Procedures that ensure that we are professional, with customer satisfaction at the core of everything we do.

We Are Bespoke

We understand your needs, and create solutions that are tailor-made for them. While we have a general model we use to approach briefs, we create solutions that are peculiar to what you need,
and we make sure we exceed expectations in execution.

We Make Use of Eco-Friendly Products

All the products we use are all eco-friendly, meaning that they don’t degrade the environment. We are very particular about sustainability, and we aim to achieve this through the use of recyclable and eco-friendly products.

How We Work

We Have
A System That Delivers Every Single Time.

We have a series of time-tested and effective steps that have served us well over the years.



In order for us to provide a successful service to our clients, we first need to understand their pain points or goals. In order to improve on what they are currently doing or not doing, we need to hold regular meetings, both offline and online.



In order to build a successful model, we utilize time-tested techniques that involve putting the client's unique challenge at the forefront, and then using those techniques to help solve that challenge. As a result of these discussions, we develop the project description, which includes details about the goals, results, and objectives of the project.


Feedback & Results Tracking

As part of our regular communication with our clients, we provide them with updates on the progress of their requests. Our team shares our learnings based on their brief, as well as how to improve on our previously outlined processes. In order to ensure that the previously outlined expected results are met, we measure what has been accomplished on the project brief on a consistent basis.

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