We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services for houses, offices, schools and gyms. We offer comprehensive cleaning services for different facilities, using sustainable products and applying our industry expertise to exceed customer expectations. All our staff are equipped with basic safety training while all the equipment we use are safety-certified.

We help house-owners with comprehensive cleaning tasks when tenants vacate their properties. With our industry experience and expertise, we undertake large-scale cleaning services for apartment blocks to ensure that these flats are in the best condition for potential renters. Depending on the nature of the brief, we might also partner with interior decorators or other stakeholder

We help clients and companies with daily construction cleaning maintenance and post-construction cleaning services. Our expertise in cleaning over the years means that we offer consultancy services as regards best practices for daily construction and post-cleaning services, taking painstaking time to sort construction debris, and making spaces sparkle!

We also perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities.